It Takes a Tiny House Village: a Mixed Methods Assessment of Barriers, Strategies, and Stakeholder Preferences for Tiny House Villages for the Homeless in Missouri

Authors: Krista Evans*, Missouri State University
Topics: Urban and Regional Planning, Land Use, Planning Geography
Keywords: tiny house villages, homelessness, NIMBYism, mixed methods research
Session Type: Paper
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Although interest in addressing homelessness with tiny house villages continues to grow, these villages face numerous barriers, from restrictive land use laws to resident concerns about homeless populations. This research examines such barriers, strategies for urban integration, and stakeholder perceptions of various visual, physical, and social elements pertaining to these developments.
This mixed methods research involves a comparative case study of two tiny house villages for the homeless recently constructed and opened in Missouri. The comparative case study explores barriers and challenges faced by each tiny house village, in addition to strategies that allowed for the successful integration of the villages into urban communities. The study also involved a survey (including an embedded visual preference survey) of stakeholders in each community in order to understand if various visual, physical, and social elements related to tiny houses for the homeless influence community perceptions.

The study finds that NIMBYism (Not-in-my-backyard) is the greatest deterrent to villages. However, the survey also finds that stakeholders have distinct preferences for several visual elements related to villages for the homeless, as well as for specific physical and social factors. Integrating stakeholder perceptions and preferences into plans and designs for tiny house villages for the homeless may result in less NIMBYism and greater community acceptance. The research has resulted in a better understanding of the barriers to, and stakeholder preferences for, tiny house villages for the homeless. It is hoped that this research will aid those aiming to address homelessness through the integration of tiny house villages.

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