Analyzing our develop guildline:the coexistence of informatics and a feasiable habitat for us human being

Authors: Shibo Xu*, northeast Yucai foreign language school
Topics: Earth Science, Coupled Human and Natural Systems
Keywords: outer space, satellite, earth rotation, climate
Session Type: Virtual Poster
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Hundreds of millions of years ago, our earth used to be a neighbor far closer than today with moon. But because the moon will continuously exert a tidal force to the earth, the tidal phenomenon occurred by this will serve as a brake for the earth’s rotation . Its specific effect is when tides occur, great friction take place as well between the continental shelfs and the sea water which is similar to the function of the brake in our mobiles. Therefore, it has resulted in the decrease in earth’s autorotation: the length of the day will decrease for 1 second every 62500 years. At the same time, the moon will also runs in a bigger orbit as the earth autorotates slower. So in my project, I will focus if the satellite launched by nations all over the world will have influence on the earth rotation which may further influence our tide system.

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