Service allocation equity modeling

Authors: Alan T. Murray, University of California, Santa Barbara, Jing Xu*, University of California, Santa Barbara, Richard L. Church, University of California, Santa Barbara, Ran Wei, University of California, Riverside
Topics: Spatial Analysis & Modeling
Keywords: Location covering, service allocation, facility equity
Session Type: Virtual Paper
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Location covering models are important spatial analytic methods, and have been widely applied to address a range of social, economic and environmental issues. It is not uncommon to observe facilities having significantly different workloads when traditional coverage models are relied upon. Such workload imbalance can and does impact system efficiency, reliability and service quality. Several approaches have been used to make service allocation (facility workloads) more equitable. However, the relative capabilities of these approaches to address equity remain largely unknown. This paper studies modeling approaches that can be used to explicitly balance facility workloads in the context of the maximal covering location problem. Empirical experience is reported associated with solution qualities and computational requirements.

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