Cross-border tourism space in maritime and seaside areas – the Baltic Sea Region case

Authors: Denis Ceric*, Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization
Topics: Tourism Geography, Europe, Spatial Analysis & Modeling
Keywords: cross-border, tourism, cooperation, Interreg, Baltic Sea
Session Type: Virtual Paper
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The space in which authorities, institutions and residents of two or more neighbouring countries make contact and cooperate with each other is often called a cross-border space. If this cooperation is evidently tourism-related, let's assume to call it a cross-border tourist space. But what happens when the sea border is between them? Can we call this a maritime cross-border tourist space?

The Baltic Sea, an Atlantic ocean basin situated in Northern Europe, is no longer an area of separation, as it has used to be for decades. It became a meeting point of numerous political, economic and ecological interests. The cooperation between entities located on two (or more) sides of the maritime border plays a significant role in delimiting the boundaries of cross-border space associated with sea areas, while also serving in the integration process relating to that space, which is actually more extensive than just the interconnected cross-border sea and the coastal spaces, given that cooperating entities may be located even beyond.

I will present a spatial nature of cooperation between entities implementing cooperation in the field of tourism through the Baltic Sea. Besides an overall review of the location, types, number and roles of entities cooperating, funds they employed for the cooperation, their concentration and distance, spatial networks are divided according to following four groups of tourism-related activities and accordingly elaborated: 1) cross-border management and marketing activities; 2) infrastructure and accessibility patterns; 3) development and protection of cultural and natural heritage; and 4) training and employing human resources.

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