Crossed Worlds: reflecting experiences of social mapping of sacred territories of the enchanted.

Authors: Davi Pereira Junior*, University of Texas - Austin
Topics: Cartography, Cultural Geography, Ethnic Geography
Keywords: Mapping, Territory, Walking, Encantados
Session Type: Virtual Paper
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My paper will discuss the limits and possibilities of social mapping processes based on experience of crossing territories with people who define their identity based on the relationships with the territories, with sacred the natural resources. The experience that I will narrate will be about the black community of Camaputia, located in the state of Maranhão in Northeast Brazil. The territory of Camaputiua is famous for their mysticism due to the relationship among the inhabitants with sacred supernatural beings called encantados.There relationship between people and territory is extremely influenced by ancestral developed through generations. I was taken for a walk through the territory of the communities by community leaders Cabeça. While we were walking, he pointed to different directions showing that each place within the territory belonged to each encantado. Although their history made perfect sense to me, I couldn't see the boundaries that he trying show me. The explanation for my limitation in seeing the boundaries as he described was epistemological, and I can't trespassing. When we arrived at the sacred place he knelt and began to pray to the encantados, and he introduced me to them. Them a crystal-clear water began to pour from the ground toward us, the leaves of the trees around us began to sway with a calm from the north. Then he stood up smiling and said you are welcome. My body was shaking inside, we started walking back.

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