Towards Computational Praxis for Social Justice Panel

Type: Virtual Panel
Sponsor Groups: Digital Geographies Specialty Group, Cartography Specialty Group, Geographic Information Science and Systems Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/7/2021
Start / End Time: 3:05 PM / 4:20 PM (PDT)
Room: Virtual 32
Organizers: Albina Gibadullina, Corrine Armistead, Luke Bergmann, Mollie Holmberg
Chairs: Mollie Holmberg


Through this panel, we will explore questions such as:
1. How can we use computational methods and digital technologies to measure, map, and challenge various forms of inequality and injustice?
2. How can computational methods and digital technologies be disentangled from the infrastructures of state and financial power that reproduce social, economic, and spatial injustice?
3. How can we use computational methods and digital technologies to develop alternative visions of the future that challenge the dominant systems of power and exploitation?

Panelists (listed alphabetically):
1. Dr. Ezekiel Dixon-Román, Associate Professor, Social Policy & Practice, University of Pennsylvania
2. Dr. Rina Ghose, Professor, Geography, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
3. Dr. Luis F. Alvarez León‬, Assistant Professor, Geography, Dartmouth College‬
4. Dr. Mark H. Palmer, Associate Professor, Geography, University of Missouri
5. Dr. Marianna Pavlovskaya, Professor, Geography, Hunter College, CUNY
6. Dr. Verónica Nelly Vélez, Associate Professor, Education, Western Washington University
7. Dr. Sarah Williams, Associate Professor, Urban Planning, MIT

Panel facilitator:
Mollie Holmberg, PhD Student, Geography, University of British Columbia


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Introduction Mollie Holmberg University of British Columbia 3 3:05 PM
Panelist Rina Ghose University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 12 3:08 PM
Panelist Luis Alvarez Leon Dartmouth College 12 3:20 PM
Panelist Mark Palmer University of Missouri-Columbia 12 3:32 PM
Panelist Marianna Pavlovskaya Hunter College - City University 12 3:44 PM
Panelist Veronica Velez Western Washington University 12 3:56 PM
Discussant Sarah Williams 12 4:08 PM

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