Experiential Learning in Geography in the time of COVID

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Geography Education Specialty Group
Organizers: Jonathan Wessell
Chairs: Jonathan Wessell

Call for Submissions

I would like to invite geographers that are interested in Experiential Learning:
domestic and international field courses or Study Abroad to be part of this
panel where we will discuss the issues faced during this time of COVID related
to these courses, and what specific institutions are doing to uphold the
important impact of these experiences.

Contact: Jonathan (Jon) Wessell jonathan.wessell@gmail.com


-Where do we go now that many of these experiences have been
cancelled and we know the educational value of first hand experiences?
-What does the future look like for experiential learning in our departments,
and in our colleges in the next few years?
-What type of opportunities are departments looking at to supplement the
important experiential learning?


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Jonathan Wessell Grand Valley State University 15

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