Symposium on Human Dynamics Research: Emerging Themes in a Post-pandemic Era

Type: Virtual Paper
Theme: Geographers and COVID-19: Setting Our Direction for the Future
Sponsor Groups: Geographic Information Science and Systems Specialty Group, Transportation Geography Specialty Group, Urban Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/10/2021
Start / End Time: 8:00 AM / 9:15 AM (PDT)
Room: Virtual 9
Organizers: Shih-Lung Shaw, Xinyue Ye, Daniel Sui
Chairs: Shih-Lung Shaw

Call for Submissions

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With accelerated technological advancements and convergence, there have been major changes in how people carry out their activities and how they interact with each other. With these changes in both technology and human behavior, it is imperative to improve our understanding of human dynamics in order to tackle the challenges ranging from climate change, public health, traffic congestion, economic growth, to digital divide, social equity, political movements, and cultural conflicts, among others. COVID-19 has been a lesson to show how a pandemic could lead to major changes to human dynamics. This brings up a critical research need of re-thinking what human dynamics will be in a post-pandemic era and how we can better serve changing human dynamics in a post-pandemic era.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Bo Zhao*, The University of Washington - Seattle, Humanistic GIS: An Individual's Pursuit of Poetic Dwelling on Digital Earth 15 8:00 AM
Presenter Cynthia Chen*, , Machine Learning in Transportation: Learning Mobility Patterns from Big Data 15 8:15 AM
Presenter Daniel Sui*, Virginia Tech , Speculations on the new (and old) human dynanics in the post-pandemic world 15 8:30 AM
Presenter Shih-Lung Shaw*, University of Tennessee, A Human-Centric GIScience Framework for Time Geography in a Hybrid Physical-Virtual World 15 8:45 AM
Discussant Xinyue Ye Texas A&M University 15 9:00 AM

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