Animals and their use of space 2

Type: Virtual Paper
Theme: Animal Geography Specialty Group Curated Track
Sponsor Groups: Applied Geography Specialty Group, Animal Geography Specialty Group, Environmental Perception and Behavioral Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/7/2021
Start / End Time: 3:05 PM / 4:20 PM (PDT)
Room: Virtual 2
Organizers: Claire Burch, Rebecca Loraamm
Chairs: Claire Burch


This is the second session in the "animals and their use of space" series.

In this session, we invite papers examining questions of animal space use towards new ecological, biological or conservation knowledge. Included are studies dealing with themes such as animal movement, space use as adaptation, habitat selection, home range delineation, migration, territoriality, gene dispersal, group movement dynamics and site fidelity. Completed and ongoing studies, be they quantitative or qualitative in their methodology, are welcome. In addition to quantitative and qualitative evaluations of animal movement and use of space oriented around wildlife, we hope to bring human perspective and interactions to this discussion. We are also interested in seeing research that evaluates animal use of space with a human component, including topics such as human perception of animal migration and movement, animal movement and use of space in urban areas and interactions with human space, and other related topics that integrate how humans share space with animals. The organizers hope for a vibrant discussion accompanied by a diverse representation of geographic, ecological, and biological perspectives.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter John Casellas Connors*, Boston University, Anne Short Gianotti, Boston University, Sara Cavallo, Boston University, Animal Traces and Policy Tracing: The mobilization of municipal wildlife management programs 15 3:05 PM
Presenter Martin Lafrenz*, Portland State University, Catherine de Rivera, Portland State University, Leslie Bliss-Ketchum, Samara Group, Modeling and Mapping Regional Wildlife Habitat Connectivity 15 3:20 PM
Presenter Mohsen Ahmadkhani*, University of Minnesota, GLENN D. DelGIUDICE, Forest Wildlife Populations and Research Group, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, VÉRONIQUE ST-LOUIS, Wildlife Biometrics Unit, Section of Wildlife, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, WILLIAM J. SEVERUD, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota, TYLER R. OBERMOLLER, Farmland Wildlife Populations and Research Group, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Movement Analysis of GPS-Collared Moose Species in Northern Minnesota, USA 15 3:35 PM
Presenter Jugal Patel*, McGill University, Rafael Reyna, El Colegio de la Frontera Sur, Raja Sengupta, McGill University , Simulating animal movement as embedded in changing environmental scenes: drought as an underlying processes of white-lipped peccaries movements in the Yucatan, Mexico 15 3:50 PM
Presenter Rebecca Loraamm*, University of Oklahoma, Identifying Road Avoidance Behavior using Time-Geography for Red Deer in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada 15 4:05 PM

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