Health, Sustainability, and the Future of Asian Cities 2: People, Power, and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Type: Virtual Paper
Theme: Geographers and COVID-19: Setting Our Direction for the Future
Sponsor Groups: Asian Geography Specialty Group, China Specialty Group, Urban Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/11/2021
Start / End Time: 6:25 AM / 7:40 AM (PST)
Room: Virtual 16
Organizers: Calvin Chung, I-Chun Catherine Chang
Chairs: Calvin Chung


This session is sponsored by Asian Geographer: A Geographical Journal on Asia and the Pacific Rim (

From COVID-19 outbreak to climate change, Asian cities have experienced tremendous challenges in public health and environmental sustainability. As diverse urban stakeholders scramble to secure their interests in a context of growing risk and uncertainty, the socio-ecological geographies of the governance and development of these cities are undergoing rapid transformation. Many new initiatives have been proposed in the name of creating healthier, greener and safer futures for Asian cities, but their effectiveness and – in some cases – even their actual objectives – are questionable. While cities in other parts of the world share similar environmental and health challenges, this session is interested in whether and how geographical specificities have resulted in particular patterns of, and responses to, health and environmental changes in Asian cities, many of whose present circumstances and future-making initiatives have yet to be brought under critical scrutiny and situated theorisations. We welcome both quantitative and qualitative contributions which address questions such as:

- How do health or/and environmental challenges unevenly hit people and spaces in Asian cities?
- What are the discourses and institutions which regulate the production and mitigation of health or/and environmental risks of Asian cities?
- How effective are the prevailing policies and plan in addressing the health or/and environmental challenges faced by Asian cities?
- How are health or/and environmental challenges in Asian cities exploited for new forms of capital accumulation and social oppression?
- What are the effective strategies for individuals and communities in Asian cities to confront the inequalities and threats brought by the emergence of and responses to health or/and environmental challenges?


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Introduction Jiang Xu The Chinese University of Hong Kong 5 6:25 AM
Presenter Calvin King Lam Chung*, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Jiang Xu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Making sense of health in the planning of Chinese cities: A discourse analysis 14 6:30 AM
Presenter Yue Gong*, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, Guochang Zhao, Southwest University of Finance and Economics, Wealth, Health, and Beyond: Do Rich Neighborhoods Protect Residents from COVID-19? 14 6:44 AM
Presenter Hannah Palko*, University of North Carolina - Charlotte, In fighting common threats, people’s deep commitment to taking collective action matters: examples from China’s COVID-19 battle and her other combats 14 6:58 AM
Presenter Hyejin Yoon*, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Kelly H Huh, Department of Geography and Anthropology, Cal Poly Pomona, Reconceptualizing the urban space during the COVID-19 pandemic: People’s narratives and responses to the government social distancing guideline in South Korea 14 7:12 AM
Presenter Ziming Li*, University of Florida, Lei Wang, Wuhan University, Xiangming Chen, Trinity College, Actions behind the mask: Unmasking the governing power that suppressed the coronavirus and restored normal life in Wuhan with comparative implications 14 7:26 AM

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