Environmental Stewardship and Agency: Indigenous activism partnered with Place

Type: Virtual Paper
Sponsor Groups: Indigenous Peoples Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/7/2021
Start / End Time: 9:35 AM / 10:50 AM (PST)
Room: Virtual 21
Organizers: Katie Grote, Jay Johnson
Chairs: Katie Grote


The relationship between the environment and human beings is a complex and divisive topic. While colonial thought promoted – and in some ways, still promotes – the idea of domination over the earth, many Indigenous peoples have a reciprocal relationship with the earth. This relationship can be considered a reciprocal stewardship; the earth provides for and takes care of human beings and human beings must also take care of the earth. The earth has agency just as place has agency. However, colonial legacies attempt to stifle the voice of the non-humans with whom humans share the landscape. Therefore, Indigenous peoples have been called to defend the earth and their relationships to place.
While the environmental movement is growing and some governments are beginning to adopt more eco-friendly policies, Indigenous peoples are continually left out of decision-making. The relationship that Indigenous peoples have with place is continually questioned, ridiculed, and/or disregarded in settler-dominated societies. Therefore, Indigenous peoples must adopt unique forms of activism to amplify their voices and to confront settler-state colonialism in and through place.
We invite papers with frameworks, analyses, or case studies that include, but are not limited to:
• Indigenous relationships with place
• Indigenous activism techniques
• Communicating Indigenous perspective with non-Indigenous peoples
• Decolonizing environmental policy
• Improving Indigenous contribution in decision-making
Participants from all backgrounds, career stages, and sub-disciplines are encouraged to participate and attend.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Marc Dadigan*, University of California - Davis, ‘Salmon Die, We Die’: Run4Salmon as an Indigenous-Centered Salmon Protection Movement 15 9:35 AM
Presenter Melpatkwa Matthew*, , Secwépemc Water Governance: strengthening relationships to water, land, and people 15 9:50 AM
Presenter Deondre Smiles*, The Ohio State University, 'Decolonized Afterlife' and Tribal Cultural Resource Preservation 15 10:05 AM
Presenter Jay Johnson*, University of Kansas, Crossing Boundaries: Using art to create an ecological campaign 15 10:20 AM
Presenter Katie Grote*, University of Kansas, Perceiving Place: Exclusion of Indigenous Worldviews in Environmental Impact Assessments 15 10:35 AM

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