Capital Switching Like Life Depends on it 1

Type: Virtual Paper
Sponsor Groups: Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group, Economic Geography Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/8/2021
Start / End Time: 9:35 AM / 10:50 AM (PST)
Room: Virtual 43
Organizers: Patrick Bigger, Sophie Webber
Chairs: Patrick Bigger


This session invites presenters to consider the potential to achieve ecological repair through capital switching: moving investment from commodity production or pure speculation into projects that contribute to more desirable socioecological futures. Geographers have charted the limits, contradictions, and perverse outcomes of attempts to fund climate-safe infrastructure, decarbonization, or stem biodiversity loss through market mechanisms and private investment, demonstrating that these techniques often fail to achieve their environmental goals while dispossessing or heaping risk on those already bearing the inequitable costs of reproducing capitalism. On the whole, our collective scholarship on these questions paints a bleak picture. However, if we hope to contribute to building different, better, or just more survivable worlds, critical geographers must also contend with the realities of entrenched market logics, the concentration of capital in the accounts of financiers, and the unwillingness or inability of most states to reckon with the magnitude of changes required. In this session we want to explore empirical cases and hear experimental conceptualizations of projects that switch actually-existing capital into processes that lead not to the reproduction of capitalism, but to forms of durable socioecological repair.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Introduction Sophie Webber University of Sydney 15 9:35 AM
Presenter William Hunter*, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Capital Switching and the Socioecological Environment: Cuyahoga Valley, 1974-2020 15 9:50 AM
Presenter John Stehlin*, University of North Carolina - Greensboro, “Freeways Without Futures”: Urban Highway Removal and Scalar Restructuring in the United States and Spain 15 10:05 AM
Presenter Alejandro De Coss Corzo*, University of Bath, From repair to reparation: rethinking the role of infrastructural labour for socioecological justice 15 10:20 AM
Discussant Patrick Bigger Lancaster University 15 10:35 AM

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