Getting Your Foot in the Door: Entry Level Careers for Geographers

Type: Virtual Panel
Theme: Expanding the Community of Geography
Sponsor Groups: Careers and Professional Development
Organizers: Mark Revell
Chairs: Mark Revell


Congratulations! You've earned your degree in geography. You are ready to start earning a steady paycheck and begin your career in a rewarding position that will allow you to put all those skills you've learned to work. But let's face it: there just aren't many job listings out there that say "Wanted: Geographer." So where do you start?

Geography graduates have everything it takes for success in today's workforce. The unique mix of interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and abilities you bring to the table have perhaps never been more relevant. Geospatial skills are in high demand across all sectors of the workforce, from state, local and federal government, to NGOs, businesses and consulting firms large and small. But selling your skills to employers who might not understand the value of a degree in geography can be extremely challenging and frustrating.

This session brings together practicing geographers from a broad range of employment sectors to showcase the dynamic career options available to recent geography graduates. Each panelist will talk for ~5 minutes on how they landed their first job "in the field", after which the session will be opened up to audience Q&A.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Richard Quodomine City of Philadelphia 15
Discussant Qihao Weng Indiana State University 15

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