More than Mentoring: Towards A More Equitable and Just Geography

Type: Virtual Panel
Theme: Geographies of Access: Inclusion and Pathways
Sponsor Groups: Indigenous Peoples Specialty Group, Careers and Professional Development
Poster #:
Day: 4/8/2021
Start / End Time: 11:10 AM / 12:25 PM (PDT)
Room: Virtual 20
Organizers: Deondre Smiles, Paulette Blanchard
Chairs: Deondre Smiles


There exists a background of literature (Shrestha & Davis Jr, 1989; Schlemper & Monk, 2011; Kobayashi et. al, 2014; Solis et. al, 2014; Adams et. al, 2014, Mullings & Mukherjee, 2019) about the necessity of mentorship, especially in making the discipline of geography more representative of the increasingly diverse makeup of geographers, and the perspectives and viewpoints that they bring. Mentorship is a major part of making a more diverse and equitable discipline possible, but what does effective mentorship of diverse geographers look like? What does the next generation of geographers need from more established geographers to thrive within the discipline?

This panel, which is comprised of graduate students, early-career academics, and established faculty members/researchers, will seek to answer these questions, bringing in their own personal experiences to contemplate on what mentorship looks like to them, how they plan to leverage these experiences in order to push for a more open and diverse discipline and contemplate what further steps may need to be taken in order to reach this goal.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Introduction Deondre Smiles The Ohio State University 5 11:10 AM
Panelist Avery Everhart University of Southern California 10 11:15 AM
Panelist Paulette Blanchard University of Kansas 10 11:25 AM
Panelist Farhana Sultana Syracuse University 10 11:35 AM
Panelist Nathan Rowley Ohio Wesleyan University 10 11:45 AM
Panelist Aida Guhlincozzi University of Illinois 10 11:55 AM
Panelist Beverley Mullings Queen's University 10 12:05 PM

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