'Where life is precious, life is precious’: Celebrating Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Type: Virtual Panel
Theme: Black Geographies Specialty Group Curated Track
Sponsor Groups: Black Geographies Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/9/2021
Start / End Time: 11:10 AM / 12:25 PM (PDT)
Room: Virtual 12
Organizers: Shiloh Krupar, Wendy Cheng, LaToya Eaves, Jenna Loyd
Chairs: Wendy Cheng


Recipient of AAG Lifetime Achievement Honors in 2020, Dr. Ruth Wilson Gilmore has deeply enriched the study of critical human geography and reshaped the political landscape. Dr. Gilmore’s scholarship on racism, imprisonment, environmental justice, and freedom has transformed the discipline’s understandings of the state, capitalist restructuring, and social change. Moreover, her work has extended the reach of geographic thinking beyond the discipline and the academy to broader publics. Dr. Gilmore’s insistence that “a geographic imperative lies at the heart of social justice struggles” pulsates through her work; she demonstrates how the geographies of racism and incarceration are also the very sites where the imagination and praxis of freedom and abolition take place. For Dr. Gilmore, intellectual work is political work. In her words and hands, geography as a discipline can offer a theoretical approach to changing human relationships across landscapes. Her scholarship, transformative teaching, rigorous and life-altering mentoring, and visionary leadership have transformed multiple fields and extended well beyond academia. This session convenes several geographers, including former students and longtime comrades, who will speak to Dr. Gilmore’s formative work and its groundwork not only for the future of the discipline, but for nurturing collective life and struggle during ongoing crises.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Introduction Laurel Mei-Singh University of Hawaii - Manoa 10 11:10 AM
Panelist Katherine McKittrick Queen's University 10 11:20 AM
Panelist Jenna Loyd University of Wisconsin-Madison 10 11:30 AM
Panelist Juan De Lara University of Southern California 10 11:40 AM
Panelist Anne Bonds University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 10 11:50 AM
Panelist Laura Pulido University of Oregon - Eugene, OR 10 12:00 PM
Discussant Ruth Gilmore CUNY Graduate Center 15 12:10 PM

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