Spatiotemporal analytics on COVID-19

Type: Virtual Panel
Theme: Geographers and COVID-19: Setting Our Direction for the Future
Sponsor Groups: Geographic Information Science and Systems Specialty Group, Health and Medical Geography Specialty Group, Cyberinfrastructure Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/9/2021
Start / End Time: 1:30 PM / 2:45 PM (PST)
Room: Virtual 15
Organizers: Hai Lan, Yun Li
Chairs: Weihe Guan


The sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus disease has infected millions of people across the world since early 2020. The lockdowns of several billion people global-wide has been triggered, which impacts on the patterns of people’s daily life in a short even a long-term period. In response to this national and global emergency, global scientists are working together to rapidly respond to this crisis, for supporting research, saving lives, and protecting the health of global citizens. Identify spatiotemporal patterns of COVID-19 related issues could better serve the community, decision makers, and people global wide response to this pandemic. By collecting, analyzing, and sharing relevant big spatiotemporal data on public health, human mobility, global policy, socioeconomical information and government responses etc., research on disease transmission patterns, social-economic disparity and vulnerability, mobility and social distancing, availability of healthcare facilities, climate -disease outbreak relationship, economic issues, and the relationships between policy, news or social sentiment changes, and outbreak severity have been investigated. In addition, how the life of people will be changed after the pandemic is another topic need to be discussed with the vaccine is started to deliver. This panel aims to discuss the latest achievements in methodology, application, and future trend for spatiotemporal studies of COVID-19.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Panelist Kathleen Stewart University of Maryland - College Park 15 1:30 PM
Panelist Zhenlong LI University of South Carolina 15 1:45 PM
Panelist Xun Shi Dartmouth College 15 2:00 PM
Panelist Laura Cline U.S. Department of State 15 2:15 PM
Panelist Michael Batty University College London 15 2:30 PM

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