General Geomorphology Poster Session

Type: Virtual Poster
Sponsor Groups: Geomorphology Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/9/2021
Start / End Time: 3:05 PM / 5:50 PM (PST)
Room: Virtual 52
Organizers: Kory Konsoer


We invite poster presenters virtually attending the 2021 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers (AAG) to submit abstracts to the General Geomorphology Poster Session. This session is organized on behalf of the Geomorphology Specialty Group (GSG) of the AAG. Poster Presentations covering any aspect of geomorphology or interactions with geomorphic systems are welcome.


ID Title Participant
001 Soil spatial variability on a Middle to Late Pleistocene scroll bar deposit of the Pee Dee River, Atlantic Coastal Plain, South Carolina Bradley Suther
Kennesaw State University
002 Characterizing At-Risk Reaches and Water Quality in the Middle Course of a Low-Order Ouachita Stream with Geomorphic Surveys and Total Suspended Solids Matthew Connolly
University of Central Arkansas
003 A classification of neck cutoffs incorporating cutoff centerline curvature based on a global database of meandering rivers Trung Tran
Louisiana State University
004 Analysis of Paint Mines Geomorphology Michael Applegarth
Shippensburg University
005 Modelling Reach Scale Geomorphic Response to Controlled Flows on the Willamette River Dion Webster
006 Fluvial System Response to Abrupt Base-Level Fall: Mapping Tributary Stream Terraces in the Lower Chippewa River Watershed Katie Grong
007 Changes in Channel Morphology in Response to Tamarisk Removal Along The Virgin River in St. George, Utah Dakota Whitman
University of Oregon
008 Measurement of Barchan Dune Migration Rates in the Al-Huwamiliyah dune field, Udairi Range Complex, Kuwait Richard Daniels
Washington State Department of Transportation
009 Hyperscale sediment grain-size mapping and sorting in relation to channel morphology along a wandering channel Eric Levenson
University of Oregon
010 Subsurface Investigation of Cape Kolka, Latvia: A Strandplain Along the Baltic Coast Hailee Jefferies
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
011 The Fence and Flow: Flooding along the Rio Grande River, Texas Adriana Martinez
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
012 Periglacial Processes and Cryoplanation Terrace Formation, Cathedral Massif, Northwestern, British Columbia, Canada Raven Mitchell
Michigan State University

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