W2_7 Spatial Data Science with GIS

Type: Workshop
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Day: 4/8/2021
Start / End Time: 1:30 PM / 2:45 PM (PDT)
Room: Virtual 61
Organizers: Gregory Brunner, Angela Lee


Spatial data science is the integration of GIS tools with data science methodologies. It enables analysts to extract deeper insight through spatially enabled analytical methods and algorithms, including machine learning and deep learning. ArcGIS is a spatial data science platform that integrates data science tools like Jupyter notebooks and Python libraries. In this session, we will demonstrate ArcGIS Notebooks. We will review the customizations to Jupyter that integrate GIS and mapping functionality directly into the ArcGIS Notebook environment and the python libraries included in ArcGIS Notebooks. We will demonstrate spatial data science techniques for human geography, such as demographics, and physical geography, such as remote sensing and oceanography.


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